Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I know it's in German, but anyways...


Es ist ja in den letzten Wochen einiges passiert, deshalb hier mal ein kurzes Update. Ich arbeite jetzt an einer Schule in Malmö, wo ich Deutsch (6. bis 9. Klasse), Englisch (9. Klasse) und Schwedisch (6. Klasse) unterrichte. Hier mal ein Link, wenn auch auf schwedisch (http://www.malmo.se/Medborgare/Forskola--utbildning/Grundskola/Grundskolor/Centrum/Grundskolor-i-Centrum/Rorsjoskolan.html). Seit dem 12. Februar arbeite ich jetzt dort und bin natürlich froh, nicht mehr zwei Stunden nach Simrishamn fahren zu müssen (und zwei Stunden zurück). Es handelt sich hierbei um eine befristete Anstellung bis zum Sommer, mit eventueller Verlängerung zum Herbst und/oder Frühling. Vorher habe ich kurz in Skurup gearbeitet (als Deutschlehrer), aber da die Rektorin mich nicht besonders nett behandelt hat, habe ich mich für die Schule in Malmö entschieden, als ich die Möglichkeit bekam.

Karin arbeitet weiterhin in Lund und gibt ab und zu ein paar Kurse für Nautilus-Angestellte (zuletzt in Wolfsburg). Ansonsten sind wir dabei unsere Wohnung wieder einzurichten, denn wir hatten ja schon einen Teil der Möbel verkauft. Karin hat so jetzt schon ein neues Sofa in ihrem Zimmer, und wir haben uns auch eine Flachbildglotze geleistet (Die wir allerdings gebraucht sehr günstig gefunden haben).

Nun ja, in vier wochen ist Ostern, und dann besuchen wir Karins Eltern auf Öland. Aber immer, wenn wir in Malmö sind, sind uns Gäste herzlich wilkommen!

Ach ja, folgenden Link kann man sich ja mal anschauen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcxqohQFsuU

Liebe Grüsse,
Karin & Joseph

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belly & footy

As I am writing this, I am sitting on the train from Ystad to Malmö. Might just as well use the one and a half hours of travelling time for something constructive, I thought. So another blog entry, which is funny since the last one hasn’t been published yet (It will be once you have read this).

Well, well, anything new? Not really. Karin is still teaching young Skanians how to swim, whilst inspiring older Skanians to keep in shape… This weekend Karin will be going to Gothenburg together with her best friend Jenny and meet up with Karin’s favorite sister Lisa. The girls are going to another belly dancing festival – sounds like another weekend full of rhythm, fun and exercise…

Joe is staying in Malmö and will watch the footy on Saturday: Important matches both for Sweden and Germany. Germany should at least get a draw in Russia, whilst Sweden needs to win in Denmark. Hopefully both teams will make it to the world cup, though especially Sweden need to up their game a bit…

After half an hour of train travel from Simrishamn I am only in Tomelilla, one more hour to go until I reach Malmö (hopefully, no one will have stolen my bike so I can get home fast). You will hear from us again, hopefully sooner than later!

BTW, the picture of Joe was made by Jonathan, a friend of ours here in Malmö.

This blog is dead

This blog is dead. It’s been way too long since I put in an entry last. So don’t even bother reading this, ‘cause it will be another half a year until the next entry and that is just going to disappoint you.

So, anyway, Joseph’s working at a school in Simrishamn now, teaching German. It’s about 90km from Malmö, so getting there takes some time. At least there’s a direct train. It sure feels good to earn some money again. As you might have figured out then, Joe even got his Masters degree in Education last summer. Turns out, all those degrees don’t count that much when you are looking for a job (Joe would have much rather worked in Malmö). Well, well, that’s the financial crisis for you.

Karin’s still working hard, planning those swimming lessons giving classes and instructions. All that hard work might just pay out since there is a chance we’ll end up in Berlin soon, with Karin as new regional manager for Nautilus in Berlin. But we don’t know for sure, thus far, so don’t get your hopes up too high just yet. But you can of course keep your fingers crossed.

Summer’s come to an end and the time of those never ending days of sunshine is over, at least for this year. The mornings are dark, cold and rainy (well, this morning it was). Makes you realize what a beautiful summer it really was. We built a shed/garden house at my mum’s place, visited Berlin and travelled around in Skania, even visiting Öland for a weekend. It’s hard to find better than Sweden in summer – in summer, that is. Now comes the dark part of the year, but with a bit of love and creativity you can have a whole lot of cozy moments even then. Actually, I’m looking forward to those…

Well, see you in half a year (I might even revive this blog and squeeze in a couple of entries before that – who knows?). Please feel free to keep us updated on what’s going on in your lifes. And be assured, even if we don’t call or write, we are thinking of you quite often!

All the best!